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While you are in town with everyone for the reunion this summer, you might want to get a group together and go wine tasting. A lot of the pear orchards we grew up with have become vineyards.. The Rogue Valley and The Applegate Valley are both making some wonderful wines. . .

What to do. . . . . .

Float the Rogue. . . .

Rapid Pleasure Rafting Co.

7725 Rogue River Dr. Shady Cove, OR  541) 878-2500 or 541) 878-2585

Look for the Rainbow across from the Edgewater Inn. They are the closest location to the ramp where you will end the float too . . no baking in the sun waiting to be picked up! Just leave the raft or tahiti on the ramp and walk across the street to let them know you are back.

Title. Double click me.

Float the Rogue River:



Roxy Ann





2 Hawk

Crater Lake Cellars

Daisy Creek

Red Lily


Schmidt Family



Valley View


just a few ideas

Tour the "new" North Medford campus

 l​if we get enough interested in a tour, we can arrange one.If not, you can drive by on your own and just walk the campus. It's had quite a "make over" since our day and really is beautiful.   Let us know if you want the tour! ****WE DO HAVE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO TOUR THE SCHOOL SO PLAN ON MEETING SATURDAY AT 10:00 am BY THE OFFICE TO JOIN US *****

map for you if you need help finding stuff !

*****Call Carolee to make your reservations: Tell them you are from the Medford class of '83. Cost is $10-12 per person and each boat has river tax of 3.00. They suggested putting in the river 9:30-10:00******CALL TO PUT YOUR NAMES ON THE HOLD LIST!


we can make plans on friday night for saturday tasting! :)

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